Promoting your brand with print

Today, the business landscape is dominated by digital marketing, from social media to email campaigns. But what about traditional, physical advertising? Print advertising is very much alive and plays an integral role in a well-rounded marketing strategy, serving as a powerful tool for brand promotion. Our team at Midland Printing wants to help inform you on why you should be utilizing print to promote your brand.

Why should you use print marketing?

Print media continues to offer tangible benefits that the digital world simply can't replicate. From higher engagement rates to the trust factor that consumers experience when consuming printed content, print advertising is an essential component of comprehensive brand marketing. Despite the proliferation of digital media, data shows that consumers still place a high value on printed materials. For instance, a staggering 98% of consumers sort through their direct mail, which far exceeds the 20% who open emails from brands.

How to utilize print for brand promotion?

Identify your target publications

Find publications that resonate with your target audience. Just as you tailor your marketing campaigns to different personas, publications also have their ideal "reader." Whether your audience is reading local newspapers, industry-based publications or magazines targeted to a specific demographic, the key is to match your ads with publications that your potential customers are likely to engage with.

Offer value 

Whether you're educating consumers about your product or providing a monetary value, such as coupons, your print ads should offer something that the consumer finds valuable. People prefer to use paper coupons, and they often influence purchasing behaviors by encouraging consumers to buy more or sooner than planned.

Maintain a clear message

It can be tempting to jam-pack your print ads with as much information as possible. However, effective print ads generally have one specific purpose that is communicated through a single image and concise text. This could range from driving brand awareness, informing consumers about a new product line or reaching a new audience segment.

Combine print and digital marketing 

One of the most effective strategies is to fuse print and digital to create a unified marketing experience. For instance, you could include QR codes on your business cards or print ads, allowing customers to easily schedule a call, visit a sales page or access additional digital content 

Use different print media options

Consider employing a variety of print materials such as local advertisements, direct mailers, in-store signage, pamphlets, product sheets, business cards and even branded merchandise like pens and t-shirts.

Promote your blog in print media

If you have a blog, promoting it through print media can also be a great way to get the word out and drive traffic. This can be done through a systematic promotion plan that includes promoting your blog in print media, such as newspapers, magazines or even brochures.

Midland Printing

Print media is a powerful tool that brands should continue to leverage. Our variety of services at Midland Printing make it possible for your brand to stand out among the competition. Contact us today to get started.


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