Custom Envelopes

Here at Midlands Printing we print tens of thousands of high quality 1 color, 2 color and full color custom printed envelopes every month for our clients. Our Multi-Color Offset Envelope Printing equipment and technologies enable us to print ultra high quality color envelopes quickly and at affordable prices. Try us for your custom printed business envelopes just once and you will come to understand why our loyal customers and clients keep coming back for all of their full color commercial printing needs.


Never send a boring white envelope again! Match your custom envelope to your letterhead or invitations. Custom envelopes get noticed period. A great-looking envelope stands out and makes people want to open your letter. Use printed color envelopes with business cards & letterhead for a complete identity package. Plus, you can upload your artwork to create a cohesive look to all your correspondence.


Have a question about your next custom printed envelopes project? Need quantities, sizes or options you don’t see here on our site? No problem! You can use these links to request a quote or e-mail us!


Converted Envelopes

Converting envelopes refers to the process of creating envelopes from sheets or rolls of paper. The paper is then “converted” into envelopes using several steps, including die-cutting, folding, and gluing. There are many reasons to have your next order of envelopes converted including the following:

Full-Color Envelopes – many envelopes that serve as an eye catching promotional piece are created using full-color designs printed on both sides of the envelope. It is best to print while the paper is still flat, to avoid print blemishes on the seams, flaps and windows of pre-made or stock envelopes. Also, images or colors that bleed or wrap-around from one side to the other absolutely require custom converting.

Unique Size – certain envelope projects require non-standard dimensions. In these cases, the perimeter of the envelope must be cut with a custom-sized die prior to folding and gluing.


Non-Standard Window – Windowed envelopes allow a portion of the content to be visible, even when the envelope is sealed. Windows are most commonly used to display a delivery address, though there are many other uses as well. Custom converting allows the size, shape, and/or location of the window(s) to meet your specific needs.


Special Interior Tint – a security tint printed on an envelope’s interior helps prevent confidential information from being read through the envelope. It is not uncommon for a business or organization to want a custom security tint, such as its name or logo in a repeating design on the interior of the envelope. Since it is impossible to print on the inside of a pre-converted envelope, custom converting is the only solution.


Imprinted Envelopes

Midlands Printing has a number of Halm Jet and Super Jet envelope printing presses. If your requirements are for 5,000 to 2,000,000 standard, stock envelope to be printed from ONE to TWO colors we have the perfect solution for you.


Stock Envelopes

If you are looking for standard size stock envelopes (regular or standard window) that are manufactured with precision and high quality care, we are your easy solution for commercial, booklet, catalog, remittance or stock envelope products.

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