Digital Printing

Modern printing methods such as laser, ink-jet and toner-based systems are referred to as digital printing. In digital printing a high resolution .pdf is sent directly to our machines using digital files, eliminating the need for a printing plates saving time and money.

Midlands Printing digital printing services are second to none, combining our expertise with the most advanced technology to ensure your projects are replicated with the highest possible quality and to your specifications.

Digital printing utilizes toner instead of ink thus allowing for shorter-run projects and in most cases to be printed at a fraction of the cost of traditional offset printing. With advances in technology you won’t believe it’s digital.

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Offset Printing

At Midlands Printing we believe it is vital to select a commercial printing company that not only has the expertise and production capability to properly handle your project, but also has the experience and willingness to understand what you are trying to achieve.

At Midlands Printing we deliver the highest quality printing with our XL-75 Speedmaster 10 Color Perfecting Press with a coater. This press gives us the flexibility to get your projects printed and done under heated deadlines for meetings, events, presentations, promotions, shows or whatever the case may be. Our offset printing presses produce both large or small quantities to suit your needs.

With proper planning, offset printing is perfect for mailings and best used for high volume, high impact, advertising campaigns because it is the highest quality cost effective option for printing in today’s market.

Here at Midlands Printing we print about every type of commercial print product you can imagine and often use offset printing for common applications such as annual reports, marketing collateral, business forms, newsletters, mailers, books, stationery and envelopes.

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